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Purewatercloud provides the training you need to do your job and advance your career. Access all of our online books (3), video clips (35), and our Encyclopedia of Water Treatment™ interactive courses for only $49.00 (USD) per month for comprehensive training in high-purity water treatment. Contact us if interested in instructor-based training at your facility designed to optimize the performance of your water treatment system.

Ca Exchange and Cation

Encyclopedia of Water TreatmentTM

Visually oriented training volumes that are filled with graphic animations and are highly interactive. These training materials make learning about water treatment enjoyable. Their interactive simulations offer the next best thing to working with actual reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange (IX), electrodeionization (EDI), and other equipment used to produce pure water.

Purewatercloud is known for providing the most advanced training in membrane based water treatment, such as in monitoring RO fouling potential using SDI measurement. The training is comprehensive with an emphasis on creating a fundamental understanding of concepts.  A deep understanding of high-purity water treatment will result in an improved ability to make intelligent decisions that are appropriate to the specific demands of each situation.

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Realistic RO/DI/EDI Equipment Simulations | Challenging Questions | Highly Interactive Exercises | Abundant Graphic Animations Word Links & Search Functions | Audio with Printable Text Manual | Monitors Trainee Performance | In-depth & Sequential Breakdown of High-Purity Water Treatment Concepts

Water Treatment Training Options:

Internet Courses | Classroom Training | On-site Training | Hands-on Training

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Reverse Osmosis (RO), from RO Chemistry through RO Troubleshooting | Ion Exchange (IX) | Electrodeionization (EDI) | High-Purity Water (HPW) | Boiler Water | Theory, Operation & Maintenance, Design volume

The Foremost Book on Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Purewatercloud presents Reverse Osmosis: A Practical Guide for Industrial Users by Wes Byrne.  This book has been the leading support text for over twenty years offering comprensive answers for those involved with reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Book Cover

About the RO Book

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a growing technology whose applications are rapidly expanding. Books on reverse osmosis have been written emphasizing the theory of membrane technology. This book emphasizes the application of reverse osmosis, specifically in industrial and municipal markets. It explains how RO systems are designed and applied, and defines its pretreatment requirements based upon the water characteristics. This book offers value for design and process engineers manufacturing RO systems or working for engineering companies, as well as those involved with the operation of RO systems.

Our book is a training guide; it explains how to monitor and maintain RO systems. This knowledge is critical for the daily evaluation of RO system performance. It covers various aspects of membrane cleaning and sanitization, and also discusses most of the common RO system problems that should be investigated when troubleshooting an RO concern. These topics make the book an excellent tool for technicians who maintain RO systems.

Some of the common and more interesting applications of reverse osmosis are discussed in detail. These include two-pass RO for high purity water production, pharmaceutical water treatment, seawater desalination, application of RO for fruit juice concentration, plating metal recycling, the treatment of secondary sewage effluent, and the final filtration of deionized (DI) water.

Reverse Osmosis, A Practical Guide for Industrial Users, 2nd Edition by Wes Byrne

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Water Contamination: The Science of Natural Water Contaminants

This 61-page online pdf by Wes Byrne explains the nature of water contaminants so as to better understand how their characteristics affect water treatment technologies.

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Ion Exchange: A Practical Manual for Water Treatment

This 84-page online pdf by Wes Byrne discusses the principles of ion exchange in a manner that is easy to understand.  It explains the different common forms of ion exchange resins and how they are applied to water treatment.

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Click here to access the entire online book: $49.00/month to subscribe to all online materials

Electro deionization: EDI Application and Maintenance

This 188-page online pdf by Wes Byrne provides detailed explanation of electrodeionization (EDI/CEDI) technology, as well as how it is best applied, monitored, and maintained.  It is one of the leading third-party support texts available for EDI systems.

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Click here to access the entire online book: $49.00/month to subscribe to all online materials

Polar Water Molecule

-REVERSE OSMOSIS TRAINING COURSE- short course available for purchase

Purewatercloud is offering a 3-day intense classroom and hands-on training in reverse osmosis technology instructed by world-renown RO expert, Wes Byrne

Price: $9995.00 for 8 participants at your facility

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Water Contaminants (Nature of suspended solids, dissolved salts, organics)

Reverse Osmosis Principles (Semipermeable membrane, osmosis, net driving pressure, rejection, salt passage, spiral-wound elements, pressure vessels, recovery, fouling, scaling)

RO Design (staging, piping, concentration factor, valves, pumps, start/stops, instruments)

Hands-On: RO Evaluation (membrane, staging, valve/stream id., flux/crossflow calc.)

RO Operation (Pumps, VFDs, valve settings, membrane replacement)

RO Pretreatment (Filtration, scale prevention, activated carbon and chemical attack)

RO Monitoring (SDI, turbidity, data collection, normalized permeate flow/pressure differential/rejection, trending, instrument calibration, mass balance, profiling, probing)

Hands-On: RO Operation (startup/shutdown, pump & valve settings, profiling, probing)

Biological Control (Bacteria, anaerobic slime, monitoring, shock treatment, sanitization)

RO Cleaning (Cleaning agents, procedures, filters, CIP design, foam, data collection)

RO Troubleshooting (isolating problem location, common problems, autopsies

Hands-On: RO Maintenance (membrane replacement/simulated CIP/sanitization)

Polar Water Molecule

Training Sponsors - Corporate and Educational Partnerships

Purewatercloud has a long and successful history of partnering with companies and educational institutions in complementing their water treatment training programs. Our partners have included most of the major water equipment manufacturing companies. We have assisted the United States Navy with the training requirements of its water treatment operators and engineers involved with the Navy maintenance facilities. Let us help you increase the depth and quality of your training program.